5 Ks for £5K

Karen K has always wanted to do a parkrun. Kingsley said he could help... Then Kay and Karen said they wanted to run too. So the 5 Ks were born...

Kingsley, Karens and Kay have been supporting Halesworth Volunteers for years so what better Charity to raise funds for.

Halesworth Volunteers supports people in Halesworth and the surrounding rural communities with a range of services including befriending, a community car service, social events and activities. We also run the Halesworth Community Larder.

Our Car Service gets people who can no longer travel independently out and about. Isolation Busters, our befriending programme, supports people who are isolated by hosting events, trips out and making endless cups of tea.

Once a month we 'spring' Maudie from her Care home so she can join us for a community lunch. She meets ladies she was at school with and has a rare old time.

The Halesworth Community Larder is for everyone. A special place where you can get help and support and food and household staples if you are struggling.

Everything Halesworth Volunteers does is designed to make lives better. Everything we do is powered by the dedication and commitment of our volunteers.

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The Queen's Award for Voluntary Service

Halesworth Volunteers has been awarded the Queens Award for Voluntary Service 2022. This is the highest award a voluntary group can receive in the UK.

The Queens Award for Volunteering does not just recognise Halesworth Volunteers and the community's extraordinary response to the pandemic but the work that's been done by Halesworth Volunteers for nearly 40 years reaching out to vulnerable people, making their lives better.

Karen Austin, Chair of Halesworth Volunteers said 'We cannot describe how honoured we are by this Award, and in the Jubilee year too. It is fantastic to have the national recognition that this award brings. It is testament to our fantastic volunteers and staff and the way that all the local groups in Halesworth and beyond worked together during the Covid 19 pandemic. Groups like HACT and the Pear Tree Centre and our Town and Parish Councils and Churches have shown how much we can achieve when we work together.'

Emma Healey, Director of Haleworth Volunteers said 'This amazing award recognises our much-loved Community Car Service that has operated for nearly 40 years getting people who cannot travel independently to their important social and medical appointments. It also recognises the work we do
supporting isolated and lonely people through our Isolation Busters Programme. New projects like the Halesworth Community Larder that developed during the Pandemic show how we can meet new challenges and reach out to people who have not used our services before. Everything we do is powered by the dedication and commitment of our volunteers. This is very much their award. Together we really can make lives better.'

Two Lockdowns Later! Our Community Response to Covid-19

Click here to view the full 'Two Lockdowns Later! Our Community Response to Covid-19' Leaflet

HVC Annual Report and Unaudited Financial Statements - 31 March 2021

View the Halesworth Volunteer Centre Annual Report and Unaudited Financial Statements - 31 March 2021.

Our Community Response to Covid-19

Here are just some of the ways that we supported each other during the first Covid-19 lockdown;

Click here to view the full leaflet for Our Community Response to Covid-19

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